Early Spring Flowers!

At the end of winter, we can all begin to feel little flower deprived … I know I like driving by a well developed garden that has those first, early spring flowers....

Best Aromatic Flowers for Your Garden

Aromatic plants are really crucial in the garden, because they interest more than one of our senses. Studies reveal that the sense of odor can be among the most important in our...

How to Grow Dahlias

If your garden looks tired at the end of the season, but your neighbors’ has lots of color and texture, chances are they might be growing dahlias. Dahlias flower from mid summertime...

Easy Plant Markers & Labels You Can Make

Spring is just around the corner, and indoor seed starting is even more detailed … Many of us are trying to find ways to define flats, pots and rows without utilizing those...

Best New Plants 2010

The majority of us gardeners are thinking about what we want to plant this year, however the choices can be intimidating! Whether you are a new gardener or are a specialist, with...

Annuals or Perennials for Your Garden?

PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay The crocus delights us in early spring as it dares to peek through the snow and raise its face to the sun. Soon...

Geraniums– 7 Regularly Asked Concerns (Frequently Asked Question)

Hans / Pixabay Zonal Geraniums: Standard, high quality appeal. Hans / Pixabay A big pot of...

How to Keep Your Plants in Flower with Deadheading

pasja1000 / Pixabay ” Off with her head” the queen screamed at Alice in the Lewis Carroll story “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. Now I’m not exactly...

Dividing Your Perennials

pixel2013 / Pixabay Have you ever questioned just what is up with dividing perennials? This helpful report can offer you an insight into whatever you’ve ever...

Annual Flower Plants For The Garden

donvikro / Pixabay Couple of flower gardens would be total without yearly flowers. Their earliness and kindness of bloom will bring color and grace to any...
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