Brighten Your Garden– Grow Daffodils

Brighten Your Garden– Grow Daffodils

Just when you think the snow never melts, or the wind never stops, the daffodils will blow your garden with color in the spring. Super easy to grow in most zones, daffodils can be used in wonderful cut flowers, formal pastoral and casual gardens, can be grown in containers and even forced to bloom in season! There are more varieties than sunny yellows and single and two leaf honors. There are also mini daffodils, ideal for decluttering in a little garden, planting in casual lawn or using in containers. If you know how to dig and client a hole, you can grow daffodils.

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Daffodils should be planted in the fall to flower in the spring with simply a few easy care requirements.



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Select healthy bulbs by trying to find shredded, paperless bulbs. Full, heavy bulbs with no gases or cuts are a good sign of bulb health. Do not buy any bulb with mold or fungi.

Most ranges bloom any place with winter snow, as it requires a period of cold latency to force flowering. There are ranges growing south in zone 9, contact your regional nursery for great ideas for your location. According to the Southern Living Number, these forms are ideal for Southern plantations. ‘Avalon’, ‘Carlton’, ‘February Gold’, ‘Geranium’, ‘Havera’, ‘Ice Follies’, ‘Jack Snip’, ‘Jetfire’, ‘Minnow’, Narcissus Odor, ‘Quail’, ‘St. Kaverne’ , ‘Salome’, ‘Tete-a-Tete’, ‘Thalia’, and ‘Trevithian’.

The ranges range from two feet tall sunny yellow traditional daffodils, to tiny little minis, to white doubles with a clean pink throat. There are pale yellows, coral throat charms and pure pink varieties! See our advantages at the end of the post to help you make a choice. Remember, choose for your location. Don’t expect a dozen minis to be a huge impact on an acre.

Light up your garden with daffodils.


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Daffodil bulbs are planted in the fall before the ground freezes. It is best to plant them as soon as you get them to give you time to set the roots.

Choose light clay, they do not like heavy clay. (Aren’t we all?).

They should be planted at a depth of 3 times their height. So if your bulb is 2 inches tall, you should plant them 6 inches deep. Large bulbs can be spaced 3-6 inches apart, depending on size.

Choose full sun position from part. The pink and red varieties are best colored with afternoon shade, but all opt for 6 hours of sun per day for excellent flowering.


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Bulbs and water should be planted well. Occasionally water if falling is dry. Sometimes add planting bulb fertilizer and then help the plant stall for flowers every fall. Bone meal is the best organic food for bulbs, especially in the planting hole.


Water the bulbs if they are dry, and at this time half the liquid fertilizer will increase the flower.


Do not cut leaves that dry like many bulbs until they are completely gone. They need every last bit of green energy to save enough for the next asons to bloom. Garden enthusiasts plant perennials or annuals near most bulbs so that they mature in spring as they mature. Cut back the leaves when they are completely brown.


Daffodils are really sturdy and do not need to be stored for the winter. You can mulch to avoid shifting from the heaving ground to a harder clot. Remember to get rid of mulch in the spring.

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Daffodils are toxic if ingested, so do not plant them in small children or pets where they are accessible.
Flowers tend to face the sun, so keep that in mind when choosing your website. You don’t want those stunning flowers all day long with your back!
Daffodils can be raised and sorted with a sharp spade in the early fall when multiplied, and then re-planted for a larger display next year. Most can be sorted every 3-4 years.
Daffodils are deer resistant.


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Our selections here are from ‘Brecks’, as they are our preferred online bulb provider. Nope, they did not sponsor this post, we just enjoy ’em!

‘ Carlton’.

A standard yellow, medium sized bulb, these prosper almost anywhere, and acclimate beautifully! And they have a vanilla scent!

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‘ Mount Hood’.

A tried and real pure white range. Large blossoms fantastic for cutting.

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‘ Cotinga’.

We like pink daffodils, and Cotinga has white petals with a pink throat. This is a smaller sized one, less than 12 inches high, but the long throat and delicate transparency to the petals make this an elegant option.

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‘ Riot’.

Need a bit more color from your Daffys? Attempt Riot for its red cups versus white petals. Medium sized at 16 inches and very weather condition resistant, these are an excellent choice for grabbing attention for your garden!

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‘ Dick Wilden’ aka ‘Golden Appeal’.

This spectacular double yellow daffodil is a focal plant, to be sure. Medium height, easy to grow. Beautiful in a vase!

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‘ Bravoure’.

Among the most awarded daffodils, Bravoure is an excellent mix in between a standard delighted yellow, tempered with a real pure white, and long stylish cups. Medium sized.

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‘ Petit Four’.

Tall, aromatic, beautiful.

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‘ Tête-à-Tête’.

This is the double variation of the iconic Tête-à-Tête mini daffodil, and we love this! Perfect for pots at just 8 inches high, this is a great deal of bloom packed into a small plant! The initial Tête-à-Tête is not double, but just as sweet!

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‘ Salome’.

Our last choice is Salome for it’s apricot throats and pure white petals … These are medium plants that look incredible en masse. And they are aromatic!

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Now that you know how to grow daffodils, find out how to grow lavender like the French or how to grow peonies!


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